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Join us on Beers With Max!

As we sip suds on this week's episode of Beers with Max, we're discussing a more enlightened approach to video for marketing and sales. Keep reading to see what we learned, and as always please email max@maxtraylor.com directly with your feedback.

I am passionate about the opportunity for video in today's marketing mix. Video is the closest thing to a silver bullet I have seen and I find myself applying it to almost every one of my client and inbound agency engagements. So I had some fun in the studio with this quick rant on the power of video for inbound marketers.


A long time ago, in a marketing galaxy not so far away...

All was peaceful on planet YouTube. WIth backing from the powerful Google Empire, YouTube had staked out a position as the galaxy's second-largest search engine . But in the nearby Facebook system, a plan to unseat YouTube from its reign as the most popular video marketing channel was brewing. Lead by the cunning General Zuckerberg, Facebook mounted an attack on YouTube's video popularity and was able to overtake it with more videos being uploaded directly to Facebook than shared with Youtube in the winter of 2014. But YouTube would not go quietly, and prepared to launch a counterattack.

The Video Marketing Wars had begun... 

You write blogs, whitepapers and ebooks. You create countless presentations, case studies and other content resources to attract, nurture and convert leads. But why isn't EVERYBODY asking how video fits into your inbound marketing mix when it is clearly the most effective form of communication? Is it because people are overcharging for good video production? Is it because this is completely new to you as a marketer and your afraid of change? Do we love writing that much!? Personally I think its because marketers don't know what is involved in video production or how to apply video within their overall inbound marketing strategy.

Lets shock ourselves into reality for a second and look at how video, the fastest form of communication and information transfer between your brand and your buyers, can accelerate revenue coming from your marketing and sales investments.