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Like many fast growing companies, a recent client of mine plans to hire business development reps as their primary resource for growing sales. As an inbound marketer you might ask yourself: why was Max so excited to hear this? The answer is simple: business development reps can build a personal relationship with leads that have been generated through inbound marketing. Personal relationships are extremely important in the buying process, especially for Millennial buyers who recent studies show are most heavily influenced by vendor sales reps. Marketing doesn't build a relationship with buyers because marketers don’t speak with leads and they don’t send personal emails. Sales doesn’t do this work because they only want to speak with the folks that have asked to be sold to. Without business development reps, the inbound marketing middle men, qualified leads just sit at the top of your lead management process waiting to be plucked by your competition.

So, for your benefit I have summarized at a high level the marketing and sales activity at each stage of the lead management pipeline. Keep in mind that the role of business development reps at your organization will change based on when and how leads get handed from marketing to sales. Biz dev reps simply fill the gap.