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The one thing that holds back business owners is mindset, and thinking more like an entrepreneur instead of an executive. What are mindset tendencies that should be avoided or addressed? How do you know when you’ve built a sustainable, sellable business? What is the difference between lacking focus and being open to opportunities? On this episode, I talk to business growth strategist and author, Mark Smith, who shares on how entrepreneurs can pivot into a mindset that builds a great business.

"A business can only grow as fast as the business owner or top officer." -Mark Smith

In the world of professional services, specializing is all the rage right now, but many agencies are still resistant to it. Why is it so powerful to build a track record on specialized knowledge and not implementation? Why should we never underestimate the value of branding? What is the shift in competitive advantage in marketing? On this episode, Gravity Digital founder, Casey O’Quinn shares on the benefits of specialization.

"Reaching people before they need your service is big and very underrated." -Casey O’Quinn

The professional service business is a challenging one, and agencies face many struggles. Why is positioning so important in overcoming them? Why are many agency owners so afraid to take a position in the marketplace? Is implementation a barrier to profitability, value-based pricing or being unique in the marketplace? How do you begin to be more discriminating about which clients are a fit?

On this episode, I’m joined by David Baker, the author of one of the best books on building successful agencies, Business of Expertise. David shares on creating demand for your expertise, why implementation is a self-fulfilling hamster wheel and how to step off that wheel. 

"There’s billions worth of implementation work in the market, but there isn’t a price-premium for it." -David Baker

Sales leaders who are stuck in the past can be a major hindrance to sales growth, especially if they're in denial about how the buying process has changed. What are the biggest shifts that have taken place, and how can we update our strategies? How have the voices of buyers been magnified? How can consultants lessen the stress of prospecting?

On this episode, sales leader and management consultant, Colleen Francis, shares a unique take on why sales leadership is failing, and how she’s leveraging her IP.


"You need to have a high-volume and high-quality of people in your community who are vouching for you and moving the sale forward." -Colleen Francis


In an age where marketing seems to get more complicated by the day, staffing agencies and crafting relevant services for clients becomes a challenge. How can you bring expertise and experience to the table, and package it so that it’s also profitable? How do you balance between a service model and consulting model? Why is it so powerful to focus on solving a key problem in a specific industry?

On this episode, Farotech founder and CEO, Chris Carr shares the principles and strategies that have kept his agency thriving since 2001.


"Implementation allows us to learn, have boots on the ground, real analytics to back up the theory and data-based outcomes." -Chris Carr