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Join us on Beers With Max!

Her move from client side to strategic marketing consultant came with the reward of saying “no” to things. We talk about creating boundaries in consulting engagements, the anatomy of her go-to marketing plan for software companies and an extremely simple way to reinforce what you DO NOT do. “If it’s not your thing, introduce three experts in that field. This is a simple, genuine conversation to have”.  - Kristen Ortwerth

There are three reasons Matthew is transforming his business from a deliverables based agency to an expertise selling consultancy. We talk about becoming the bottleneck of knowledge, inspirational books and what customers REALLY want. But how is Matthew managing the transformation with this team members? Enjoyed this chat as so many people are worried about their team’s reaction when it comes time to save the business. “Selling expertise vs hours is the difference between rolling a rock and pushing a rock” -Matthew Stibbe

I don’t hear a lot of people talking about employee experience as the driver for client experience. Greg’s unique methodology as chief experience officer at Cravety is based on the intersection of the two: you can’t have one without the other. We talk about how his consulting process inspires client teams to take action without throwing low margin services at the problem.

Steve has seen the commoditization of implementation services first hand and isn’t going to play that game again. Instead his focus is on injecting creative ideas into his clients’ marketing teams, and he has some fun things to say about the need for creativity, magic, and big ideas in today’s marketing team structure. “The real money is in the idea work” -Steve St. Clair

What can I say: he doesn't regurgitate the agency training chants of big mar-tech software. He knows a thing or two about the dangers of the popularized retainer business model, and he explains why helping clients bring strategy in-house and enable the freelance gig network to do their "dirty work" is the way to go. So grab a beer and listen up!   "Clients actually like the way we get things done, they fail when they don't own strategy internally". -Joseph McElroy