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The kind of work we choose to do determines how easily we can scale ourselves and multiply our impact. How does focusing on an industry we know every well make the process even easier? What can we do in our businesses right now that can give us residual, passive income down the line? Why is it so powerful to educate our clients?

On this episode, TwoSix Digital founder and chief strategist, Dave Serino shares on how he’s leveraging his accumulated expertise.


"The more efficient a process you create, the more profitability that can be found at the end of that line." -Dave Serino

Most marketing today isn’t living up to the challenge of generating leads and opportunities for businesses. What are some of the key reasons for this struggle, even with thousands of tactics and applications available? Why are so many marketers still caught up in the guessing game of tactics and ideas? Why is there a need for both implementation services and strategy?

On this episode, internet marketing veteran and founder/president of Nowspeed Marketing, David Reske, shares how we can ensure that our marketing lends itself to lead generation.


"You need to have a tightly tuned methodology in order to execute well and drive demand in a predictable way." -David Reske

Many entrepreneurs face the challenge of translating their confidence in an idea into the customer’s belief in it. In order to convince someone about our idea, what things need to be present, and what happens if they are absent? Why is a message incomplete without a fundamental truth? Why does a good idea need a reason behind it?

On this episode, creator of The Red Thread®, Tamsen Webster, shares on how to build a scalable story and shift thinking and behavior in a specific direction.


"One of the pieces that have to be in the “minimum viable message” is something they want, that they would readily agree they want, and that helps them achieve something right now." -Tamsen Webster


One of the biggest challenges in sales is that people are unbelievably poor at creating a time-relevant, unique value proposition that makes a prospect ask how they do what they do. What is Trigger Event Selling, and how does it solve the value proposition issue? What are some of the circumstances that trigger a prospect to make a decision? What model does our guest use to multiply his impact without multiplying his time?

On this episode, Canada’s #1 Sales Expert, Craig Elias shares insights on these questions.

"You can get lucky by being reactive, but you can be extraordinarily successful by being proactive." -Craig Elias

The lack of relationships and human connection in sales is a pressing problem that explains the lack of trust people have toward salespeople. How can this issue be remedied and what can we do to raise the standards of sales? What is genuine purpose, and why is it a huge part of what can help us better align with customers? How do we put an end to robotic salespeople and start being driven by value?

On this episode, author of Selling From the Heart, Larry Levine, shares what people are getting wrong about sales, and the corrective measures we can take.

"When we bring our hearts and show that we’re here to help, good things happen. When we put the sale before the relationship, there will be inconsistencies all over the place." -Larry Levine