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Dan Gershenson on life as a licensee

by Max Traylor on Feb 12, 2020 5:45:57 PM

Dan Gershenson, CEO at Caliber Brand Strategy, shines a light on life as a licensee of a productized marketing system called “Duct Tape”. We talk about how adopting a proven system can enhance your creativity and productivity, why licensees buy and why they stick with the program. “People think they are buying into a system, but the reason they stay is for personal relationships.”  - Dan Gershenson

Brian Margolis, author of The Index Card Business plan, tees off on the shortcomings of time management and “shiny object” syndrome. The truth is our ideas can prevent us from habitually doing the two or three things that really drive results for our business. He’s productized the “Pillar System” which helps entrepreneurs identify their Pillars and turn them into habit. “Getting things done DOES NOT drive results.”  - Brian Margolis

Lauren has spent 20 years on the client and agency side of strategy. With a focus on category analysis and media planning for health and wellness organizations, she knows how to productize and sell a “thing” to win the agency game. We talk about her journey, her unique methods and the dying time and materials model for agencies. “If you stay on a hourly, time and materials basis, you can’t win that game”. - Lauren Boyer

Today we dive inside the mind of a focused strategic consultant & professor of competitive strategy at NYU. We talk about the power of focus, consultancies vs agencies, DISqualification and advice for young entrepreneurs getting into strategic consulting. “We are only as good as our last case study”  - Olivia Scott

Barry built a world class consulting practice around innovation and brand transformation for household names. But why? R/GA was flying high after helping NIKE transform their business… what caused him to pursue a NEW service and a NEW model at the height of their success? “We had big ideas that we knew would work, but we didn’t have the right thinkers and we weren’t having conversations at the right altitude.”  - Barry Wacksman